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Cyalume Videos

These videos are supplied via YouTube embedded players and are the official videos of Cyalume Europe which LumiSafe has been conceded the right to use. Whilst LumiSafe makes every effort to ensure that they function correctly, there maybe times of interuption due to LumiSafe or YouTube site maintenance.
Cyalume® contributes to Saving Lives
See and be seen at night in emergency situations. Rescue signal, Medical Triage.
Cyalume® contributes to a better contingency planning
See and be seen in Emergency Situations. Safe evacuation. Facilities Management.
Cyalume® Contributes to Safety in Transport
See and be seen at night when Lives depend on it Signal Danger, Mark obstacles, Keep Safe and Calm, Evacuate Passengers.
Keep people safe during blackouts and other emergencies. Emergency LightStation provides safe, personal, portable light when generators and back-up lighting fails or is ineffective.
VisiPad (CyPad™)
Versatile, self-adhering beacons that emit wavelengths of visible light.  Used for marking and tracking targets, identifying friend or foe and improving command and control during times of limited visibility. The VisiPad (CyPad™) is easy to use and transport.
Cyalume® 8" Flare Alternative
Developed to replace dangerous pyrotechnic and environmentally harmful 30-minute fusee-type road flares, the Flare Alternative is easy to use by any age group, and provides hi-intensity illumination for up to 1 hour. Effective in any climate, this is the safe, ready-to-use flare that's dependable, safe to store and use. Comes with attached bipod stand and retro-reflective tape for increased visibility.
Cyalume® 15" IMPACT & NON-Impact Lightstick
Proven in emergency situations ranging from combustible spills and building clearings to power outages, Cyalume 15" LightSticks provide dependable instant illumination. Available in a variety of colors, they provide up to 12 hours of peak illumination. In disaster response situations, 15" LightSticks provide safe, effective illumination, allowing safe movement in structures.
Cyalume® SnapLight® Lightsticks
In an emergency situation, every second counts. Flashlights can limit your ability to see and can not always be relied upon. Providing 360° of light, the 6" SnapLight is recommended for personal use during evacuations, power outages, camping, auto safety, and utility work. Perfect for survival, first aid, and evacuation kits as they produce no heat, spark, or flame. Available in a variety of colors; providing up to 12 hours of illumination. A high intensity, 30 minute SnapLight® is available in white, yellow, and red.
Cyalume® Snaplight® in use
Snap, Bend, Shake
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