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LumiSafe Ltd, based in Bristol in the South West of England, is a 'Preferred Partner Distributor' for Cyalume® Technologies SAS (Based in France) and Cyalume® Technologies Inc (Based in the USA).

We market, supply and/or distribute directly, Cyalume® professional, Industrial grade, emergency and convenient chemiluminescent lighting products which are used for safety applications.

Our market includes:

  • Emergency Services.
  • Military Units. (Under contract)
  • The Marine Industry.
  • The Railway Industry.
  • The Transportation and Road Haulage Industry.
  • Universities, Colleges, Schools and general education establishments.
  • Independent Contractors.
  • Organisations involved in safety work.
  • Individuals for personal safety needs.

LumiSafe Ltd has a growing portfolio of customers to whom we have provided or are providing Cyalume® chemiluminescent products, some of these include:


If you think your Company or Business could benefit from using or installing Cyalume® products or would like to find out more? Please browse our website or contact us via the contact page.


LumiSafe Ltd is also registered with the following professional Commercial and Government supplier procurement systems:



When Your Safety Depends On Light... Depend On LumiSafe.